She Was Not Great in School but Business, She Can Do: 22-Year-Old Millionaire Shares Her Journey

Joyce Sibayan admits she is not the intelligent type in school but she did not see it as the end of her dreams.

Instead of sulking, she turned her attention to where she is better at, and now, she is a millionaire at the age of 22. She said the secret in life is to be strategic, hardworking, and patient.

Sibayan, who is from Baguio, first went viral when she posted about her own disbelief and amazement that she achieved everything she prayed and worked for as an online seller.

In her post that received more than 16000 shares and more than 19,000 reactions, she chronicled her journey from starting from when she was selling different stuff such as preloved clothes and chili garlic oil. She was supported by her boyfriend who accompanied her to go house to house to sell the items whenever it was her day off in school.

Little by little, hrer earnings increased although she emphasized, too, that it was not always a sunny day for her business.

“Sumubok ako nang sumubok, ilang beses nag trial and error, bago ko marating to,” she wrote on her Facebook post last April.

“Hindi madali, kasi wala namang ganun lahat pinagsusumikapan at pinaghihirapan. Merong times na nag bri-breakdown nako lalo na nung ginive up ko yung cosmetic line  at shop ko, nawala talaga ako sa sarili ko. Pero bumangon padin, kasi wala naman tayong choice sa life ses!

(I kept on trying. It was like trial and error lots of times before I reached where I am now. It was not easy, which is expected because you need to work for everything. There were times I had a breakdown, especially when I had to give up my cosmetic line and my shop. I really lost myself. Still, I got back up because that is the only option left, sisters.)

She also recalled the time she was seen as a bad influence by some of her relatives for her lack of focus on education. Even her classmates back in college doubted her since she was not good in school.

Sibayan persevered and revived what she started and she managed to sell more than the amount she was selling when she was still starting. Her platform this time is online live selling on Facebook.

“Hindi ko ini-expect na maaabot ko s’ya kasi akala ko matagal pa. Tapos sabi ng teller sa bangko ‘Hala milyonarya ka na sobrang bata mo namang naabot yan’”, she shared in an interview with Mariz Umali on 24 Oras.

(I didn’t expect to reach millions because I thought it would take a long time. Then the teller at the bank said, ‘Wow you’re a millionaire. At a very young age, you already are successful.)

Because of online live selling, she reached more customers and thanks to her perseverance, she became a millionaire at 22.

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