LOOK: Man Saves Up To PHP300,000 as Surprise To OFW Wife

‘Happy wife, happy life’ they say and that is what Rogelio Flores will get once his wife returns from work abroad because of a feat he achieved.

Flores went viral in September for his story on how he saved PHP300,000, an amount he did not really try to achieve.

His story was posted on several Facebook pages and garnered more than 12,000 shares and 10,000 reactions on the community page Pilipinas Avenue.

His story was also covered by broadcasting station One Radio Broadcasting System of Albay. The report said:


Viral ngonyan sa social media an sarong mister na nakatipon nin balde-baldeng sinsilyo asin mga papel na kwarta na nasa 300,000 pesos an kantitad.

Katabang ni Rogelio Flores an saiyang 5 anyos na aking babaye sa pagsaray kan kwarta.

OFW sa Kuwait an saiyang misis.  Imbes na ináan niya an pigpapadarang kwarta kan saiyang agom, nagpatindog sya nin sari-sari store ngani magka-income.

Dae hunaon ni Flores na paglihis nin pirang bulan, maabot sa 300,000 pesos an saindang natipon.


| via Claire Lacanilao

English Translation:

Husband without any vices got to save PHP300,000 as a surprise to wife.

Viral today on social media is a wife who was able to save PHP300,000 in worth of paper bills and coins they kept inside a water bucket.

Rogelio Flores is seen counting the money together with her five-year-old daughter.

According to Rogelio, his wife is an OFW in Kuwait and she sends them money every month. Instead of spending the remittance at once, he decided to start a sari-sari store for extra income.

He did not think that after years of thrifting and consciously staying out of any vices, he will reach 300,000 in savings.

How about you? How much have you saved?

Inspiration to many

The story of Flores inspired many people on the internet.

One user said Flores is a good husband and is worth emulating. Another said his wife is lucky to have her unlike those who end up with husbands who just wait for remittance and live a hedonistic life here.

Another Facebook said all husbands should be like Rogelio and stop living like one-day millionaires.

Rogelio’s wife will be happy once she returns to the country. This story is one of those that will tug at one’s heart. Many were able to relate to his story since the country has a lot of poverty-stricken families who have no other choice but to send family members abroad for a chance at a good life.

Long live, Sir Rogelio.

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