From A High School Passion to Celebrities Wearing Her Creations: Lady N Clothing Line Is An Inspiration

Lady N clothing line has been turning heads here and there in the last years, thanks to the unique and chic look its clothes offer.

The lady behind the brand recalled the small beginnings of her company in an interview with and students who dream of making it big, not only in the fashion industry, will pick up a thing or two from her story.

Geraldine Villaver-Salvane was in third-year high school when she found out that fashion design is her main interest. She was 14 years old in 2011 and all she wanted was to earn money and buy clothes.

She shared that she was a bit lucky, too, because the competition was not that tight yet with online selling still a strange idea for many Pinoy. She started out with a PHP2000 capital and the name of her line was “YoursTruly Geraldine.”

The 2000-peso capital was used to pre-order garments because she thought they would be sold right away. The business expanded throughout her town and it was a hit among her customers.

Her most effective marketing strategy

Villaver-Salvane believes that the reason why her line became attractive to customers was her approach to them. She was also her line’s customer care representative and she valued each and every one of them. Soon enough, people were recommending her product to people they know.

“I was so understanding and kind to my customers, that is why- many will recommend me to their friends or relatives.”

She had her own business at 14-year-old and her parents’ worry was erased as she still managed to graduate as a valedictorian of her class.


It was not always easy though for Geraldine since she was still a student at that time. Balancing business and personal affairs became harder when she reached college. The business took a toll on her body and she was forced to stop the business.

“I realized, yes, I had income, but my body was not happy anymore,” she told Sugbo in an interview in February of this year.

“I had to travel and fill orders on Saturday at 8–10 am, and by 11–1 pm, I had to do meet-ups. There were times that customers would be late, and I had to wait until 6 pm.  When I arrived home, I just slept, and on the early morning of a Sunday, I travel back to Cebu. Unfortunately, I had to stop Lady N for seven (7) months.”

Her customer approach proved very rewarding

The care she gave to her customers proved to be a very good strategy as it served as a net that caught her when things went down. She was able to gain loyal customers here and abroad and when she decided to revive the business, they were still there.

Lady N got back up on its feet and this time, it expanded to Qatar, Canada, Singapore, Jordan, and other countries.

The lesson from Geraldine is that she never gave up despite the challenges. She kept it running when she became a teacher and her colleagues became her customers, too.

By 2019, she applied for a trademark for Lady N. She became a creative designer, playing with clothes’ prints and florals.

A celebrity stylist got wind of her beautiful creation and from there, the business soared.

Lady N is now worn by different celebrities like Alex Gonzaga, Kim, Chiu, Sarah Geronimo, and by beauty queens.

The N in Lady N according to Geraldine stands for Nirvana which means perfect happiness. Villaver-Salvane deserves this perfect happiness with her perseverance and resilience.

You can check Lady N website for more chic and fashionable looks at

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