Amazing Tipid Tips For Working Students

From saving for your tuition, working on your thesis and school projects to making sure you are performing at work, talaga namang it’s hard keeping everything on track if you are a working student. 

 Minsan pa, gugulatin ka ng mga unexpected expenses na lalo pang nakakadagdag sa stress mo. So if you find yourself in this position, here are some tipid tips so you can avoid such pitfalls.


1. Don’t Fall Into Peer Pressure

No matter how hard you try to save, if isang yaya lang ng friends mo sa bar ay sasama ka na ay madedeplete agad ang savings mo. We all know na once magkayayaan, it’s really hard to say no and that’s okay. You don’t have to deprive yourself from good things.

The issue is the frequency. One thing that can help you resist the temptation is by thinking: That’s X hours of work you’re never going to get back. And true friends won’t judge you how often you join them in their adventures.


2. Avoid Overpriced Drinks

Madalas, papasok ka sa work or school na puyat. Balancing two full-time things will only result in sleep deprivation. So to counter that, madalas kang may hawak na tumbler with coffee in it. The problem is, the coffee is from Starbucks or just a cafe that sells overpriced drinks. 

You’ll be surprised by how much you can save if you just make one on your own. Hundreds of pesos, everyday, LITERALLY. That’s like 4-5 thousand pesos that can go to things that you actually need.


3. Buy secondhand books

Now this is where you can save a lot. This is generally encouraged in colleges and if you don’t mind, you can contact senior students to sell you their books. And if swerte ka, baka parang brand new pa din ang mabili mo! 

You can also try visiting bookstores nearby the university belt. Chances are, you’ll find the book you are looking for and maybe, there’s more than one option you can choose from.


4. Explore Extra Income Opportunities

And if kaya pa ng powers mo, you can look for online jobs that don’t require you to buy licensed tools to start working. Pwede kang maghanap ng online writing jobs na usually, hindi strict ang schedule and submissions. You can do this during weekends or your day offs.

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