6 Small Business Ideas

Without a doubt, people are relying heavily on the internet for things. Especially when the pandemic hit and lockdowns ensued, everyone had to rely on their phones and gadgets to connect to the “outside world” through communication apps and food and parcel deliveries, etc.

People naturally make ways to survive. They look for things that can feed them, lift them up when they’re beaten, and more.

Part of the unfortunate things that happened during the past years is the downsizing of companies leaving people to lose their jobs. What’s difficult is it was the pandemic and most companies were doing the same making finding work hard.

This may be the reason why a lot of people started to hustle and find their own ways of giving life to themselves or their families. From creating delicious dishes to selling partitioned isopropyl alcohol or face masks became a fad of growing small businesses. 

However, there is more to it than that. Despite some people losing their jobs, they stuck to their line of work and did things on their own.

Right now you may be in the same situation and are planning to start your own small business. Here are some ideas for starting your small business.

1. Consultant

Most companies need guidance from people to do certain things. If you are passionate about some things, like marketing, IT, sales, start-ups, etc., and have a great experience, setting up your own consulting company could be the start of building your own business.

It takes little to no capital to start but a lot of knowledge to get your hands in consulting. Ask around and approach companies offering your services. And if it grows bigger, you might be able to hire more consultants and expand from there.

2. Dropshipping

People turned to online shopping in the last few years to get their minds off stressful days with work and life. Companies like Shopee and Lazada had a great boost during the pandemic because of how much people used them.

Dropshipping is no different. You can set up a website to set up orders which you can usually get from Chinese companies and ship the products directly to your customers.

It is basically like being a middle man in getting orders up to delivery.

There are tons of ideas to choose from when trying up dropshipping. You can start with selling jewelry or phone cases.

3. Online Reselling

Online resellers have become prevalent even before COVID-19 hit. If you have enough capital to get your hands on different products like shoes, bags, etc., buying things and reselling them online can be a great and fun experience.

People with a sales background should enjoy this idea and their people skills can push them toward more sales.


4. Online Teaching

Setting up online schools to teach beginners in different fields is a great small business idea. Teaching online or tutoring doesn’t need too many papers from the government to give you problems to start it. 

You can teach English to foreign students, music for those who have a background in music, marketing seminars for those who have experience in this field, etc. 

5. Delivery Service

We know that this service is widespread but targeting a local community can be a great start in achieving something bigger. Delivery services like food, groceries, or any parcel targeting your neighborhood is a good start.

6. App Development

Be the person who will turn an idea into a reality. For those who are well-versed in using the computer, technology, and coding, offering your app development software can be a great small business idea. Many people are setting up their online businesses to be online and offering them to build an app is a great idea.


These are just some of the small business ideas people can try to venture. By using your own skills to help other people, the possibilities are endless in finding a way to be your own boss and set up the small business of your dreams.

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